Pastoral Care

School Pastoral Care has been described as “an approach to education which seeks to value and develop the young person at every level.  It implies caring for the quality of relationships between all the partners in the school community.  It involves the engagement of all school policies, processes and programmes in the development of the appropriate structures, roles and resources to support the development of the emerging adult.” (IAPCE)

Foremost it is an attitude that expresses the intrinsic value of each person in the community, and that is concerned with the well-being of all aspects of the person.

Pastoral Care is the arms and legs of Ethos. The Pastoral Care Committee is dedicated to keeping an eye and an ear out for situations needing practical care. In regular meetings they discern which needs require specific action, where needs are becoming trends and require more general interventions or programmes and what issues are best suited to a whole school focus. The task of the committee is to respond to crises such as accidents, crime incidents, serious illness and bereavements.

Pastoral Care, with the school counsellor, aims to raise levels of care in our school community and involves structures and programmes such as ‘The Caring Caterpillar’ in the Primary School, Peer Responders in the High School, the LLC Pastoral Care Committee, the staff and parent Pastoral Care Committee and working group, the school counsellor and a range of buddy systems.

Care does not just stop at home, but has extended into various outreach initiatives including fundraising, orphanage and old age visits, community service and food collections.

The Pastoral Care Committee includes the school nurse, counsellor, staff representatives from the High school, Primary School and Pre-Primary School and parent representatives from the three schools.