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In 1924 the Foundation stone was laid with veld and rocks all around.  The main building and hall were built

In 1930 the swimming pool was built

1934 saw the Foundation phase buildings being added

1939 – 1945 many old boys were killed in action in World War II

1956 The Chapel was built to honour the old boys who had been killed in the war

Mid 1970s The Science block was built

During the 1970’s the Brothers were very involved with fighting the injustices of Apartheid

1980 The Macartin Centre was built

1980 saw girls being integrated into the school

1985 The First Black Headboy, Sim Tshabalala

1987 The Intermediate phase buildings were added to the College

1994 First Democratic elections take place in South Africa, a new era of democracy emerges

1995 The Pre-school was built

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