Art Club

Art Club

Educator in Charge: Ms Danielle Khoury

The Art Club takes place on Mondays and Thursdays from 14h50 to 16h20 in the Art Room and there we explore various mediums, i.e. acrylic painting, water colours, ink drawing, charcoal and collage.

The Art Club is there to help pupils extend their creativity, learn new skills, interesting techniques, and work in unfamiliar and exciting media.  Because the Art Club is a co-curricular activity, learners are allowed to explore many processes of making art without the pressure of achieving academically.

The purpose is for learners to socialize with other artists in the school from all grades and to create exciting pieces of art. Most of all, the Art Club should be about appreciation of different art forms and aims to give learners the courage and enthusiasm to explore ideas, extend their skill and create meaningful art.