Codex Workshop – 29 November to 1 December


The Junior High (grade 7 to 9) participated in an exciting coding workshop (29 Nov- 1 Dec). Learners had the opportunity to learn to code and embed their videos and those of the primary school into the school magazine of 2017. 

Why learning to code is important?

Coding is currently one of the fastest growing occupations and it is getting more popular daily.  If we look at which way technology is heading and in which aspects we use the products, be it offline or online, it is logical to consider how this bright future will affect children.  Developing a coding literacy may mean a lot to them when they grow up.

Knowing how to code can secure well-paid jobs in the future and that means more freedom to choose and say “no” to mediocre positions.  So, when children learn to code, they are not only gaining higher-order thinking skills but  chance to choose exciting and more challenging jobs in the future.

Learning to code is the same as learning a new language skill and is one of the fastest growing occupations.  Just like learning a new language or riding a bike, it is best to start learning how to code in the early years.  

Coding requires analyzing different situations and thinking about what might happen and when we translate this into real life skills, children will learn how to make decisions that will make large and overwhelming goals easy to reach.   

Excerpt taken from “Why learning to code is important for children” –