Computer Club

Computer Club

Educator in Charge: Mrs Nicole Moodley

Dates: Monday and Friday afternoons in the IT Computer Lab.

The Computer Club plays the game, DOTA2 and are set to join the gaming league again this year following their successful participation in 2015. Being part of a gaming team encourages values of sportsmanship and good communication.

On Fridays, Game Design is presented by Steve Cloete who is currently lecturing in the Game Design stream of the Digital Arts Department at the University of Witwatersrand. Game Design covers basic game design theories related to rules, mechanics and narrative structuring. He deals with important, basic programming concepts that will form the foundation of future projects in Unity. We use the Unity interface to explore the basics of scripting logic to create simple real-time physics simulations. The knowledge gained from these exercises are be applied to the production of a fully playable game over the course of the year.

Game Design, together with Gaming, creates a serious gaming culture which goes beyond just playing games for recreational purposes. A variety of options for study of degrees are currently offered at Wits including a BA and BEng degree. Students who are interested in studying in this field at tertiary level are advantaged by exposure to this enjoyable and innovative program.