Educators in Charge: Ms Claire Baker (Senior High debating team) and Ms Jeanne Kruger (Junior High debating team)


Mondays 2:45 – 4:20

Extra prep sessions are sometimes arranged for the seniors  in the evenings when necessary.

Friendly interschool debates are occasionally arranged on Thursday evenings from 5:00 – 8:00.

Provincial League debates take place on alternate Sundays in terms 1 and 2.  The pre-scheduled days for these debates can be found on the school communicator. Sacred Heart also participates in the British Parliamentary Style debates in September, the Model UN Debates in the third term and the World Scholars Cup.

Debating teams consist of between two to five learners, depending on format. Debating topics cover a vast range of social, political, environmental, scientific and personal issues which differ in complexity for Juniors and Seniors.  Debating requires a very good general knowledge, the ability to think both logically and creatively, to develop ideas and arguments quickly and to express these eloquently and convincingly.  Debating develops the personal confidence of a learner enormously.  Learners who are too shy to stand up in front of their classmates when they first start, are arguing confidently in front of strangers within a year. Debaters also develop an interest in the world around them, as well as the critical and analytical thought processes that make them excellent problem-solvers as they grow up. In short, the skills that a learner develops in debating are skills from which they benefit for the rest of their lives.

Learners who participate regularly in debates will receive debating certificates, badges and scrolls (depending on their level of commitment and participation) and will ultimately be eligible for a debating blazer.  A number of Sacred Heart learners have been selected for provincial and national teams and have travelled overseas, representing the school and the country at various international tournaments.