About Us

The High School is a vibrant and dynamic microcosm of our society. It has a strong tradition of high quality, values based education in which learners have an opportunity to embrace the democratic values that underpin our curriculum. Our learners through an innovative and explorative curriculum have an opportunity to become critical thinkers who go on to make a difference in our young and developing country and in the world.

The High School as  a co-educational school of approximately 450 learners and has an integrated school with a focus on Junior High learners from Grade 7 to 9 and a Senior High learners that focuses on Grade 10-12.   Sacred Heart College as a Catholic school played an integral role in transforming education from a system that reinforced apartheid to one of personal freedom within a democracy. This is the story of our past: of racial integration, necklaced statues, scholarships and support for returning exiles, curriculum innovation to meet the needs of the increasingly diverse school community coupled with academic excellence and “education for the common good”.  Our Alumni and our learners continue to make a contribution to the transformation of our country so that we succeed in creating a caring society that benefits all and promotes “an education that is about service of others rather than the service of self.”

In the continuum between the past and future is our present story:  A school that has learners who are happy and critically engaged in what the school has to offer; committed and passionate teachers and staff, whose sense of vocation drives all our activities at the school.