Inaugural Coach Bongi Mpanza Girls soccer tournament

On 24 November the Sacred Heart Soccer Academy hosted the inaugural Bongi Mpanza Annual Girls Soccer Tournament. It was a fantastic day and a huge success.

Respect was paid to Coach Bongi, our beloved Coach who passed away a few months ago. Her good friends Cathy and Nkosana were present as our special guests to help us pay tribute to her.

Six teams participated, including one from as far away as Venda. The tournament was indeed won by this team, Stars Lecostes Ladies. They beat Mito Stars in the final.

The soccer was highly competitive and of a very high standard. But most importantly it was played in a very good spirit and a fun day was enjoyed by all. Congratulations to Stars Lecostes Ladies, but also to all the girls who particpated and made this day such a huge success.

A special thanks goes to Shifa Fredericks who assisted in arranging and organising this tournament.

The tournament will be hosted annually by the Sacred Heart Soccer Academy and we look forward to its growth in the years to come.