About Us

Every day we laugh and are touched by the beauty our children bring to our school.  We have created our unique Sacred Heart Pre-Primary School culture and shared values are constructed here. We enjoy making palpable what is usually invisible: joy, curiosity, interest, affection, autonomy, possibility, responsibility, desire, expectation, tranquility, satisfaction, intimacy, individuality and belonging.







The Aftercare programme is housed within the grounds of the Pre-Primary School.
• Each age group is cared for by their own experienced aftercare teacher.
• Activities include ball games, art, board games, sand and water trough play, etc.
• Hours: 13:00 – 17:30 daily
• For further details contact the Pre-Primary School office on (011) 648-1858 or Ms. Leah Petlele on 083 647 4955.             Holiday Programmes are also available.