Meet the Principal

Sue Jacobson Head of Department Pre-Primary School


One of the most important skills that we want our children to have, is to be able to identify how they are feeling, and then express themselves in a socially-acceptable manner.  The ability to own our wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness is something that is so needed and is clearly lacking in our leaders.

 This year, we have concentrated on naming emotions. It certainly makes for a calmer class but research has also shown that pre-schoolers who have participated in social-emotional programmes exhibit less aggression and perform better academically later in life. We have focused some of our shared time at assembly on naming and understanding emotions, and how to deal with them. We have explored words such as excited, curious, cranky and surprised, and many more.

 This year, we have continued on our journey with Reggio.  It is an endless journey, as we discover more about our little learners and our school community every day.  The sheer fact that the journey is endless brings hope, renewal and excitement at what lies ahead.

 Resilience, trying something over and over again until it works, is an excellent principle of the Reggio approach. Working on something until we know we have tried our hardest is an invaluable skill. Thus, we have looked and looked again at concepts, improved on previous attempts, and come up with remarkable results.

 We have documented our learning and made learning visible. We have played and had fun. From Special Visitors Day to Sports Day, from our Fun Day to our daily opportunities to learn, we have kept busy, used our little minds to think critically, question, explore and discover the wondrous world around us.

 “Once a society has the belief that all children are rich (rich in their knowledge, rich in their understanding, rich in their emotions,) then a society can begin to start viewing their adults in the same light.  Children will grow into this type of adult if they are viewed in the right light.” (Tiziana Filippini)

Sue Jacobson