Creche, Playgroup & Pre-Primary

Gr R

Our aim is to instil a deep and natural love of learning that will stay with our children forever.

Teaching Philosophy

We believe that your child is the most important person in our school. That’s why
our Reggio Emilia inspired approach sees that we nurture the creativity, beauty,
curiosity and competency of each individual child. We learn through play and
encourage children to question the environment around them.

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense
will be their motivation and the richer their experiences.”
– Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia approach.

Our aim is to instil a deep and natural love of learning that will stay with our children forever. Our curriculum is rich and diverse. It is both demanding and fun, giving your child the chance to excel in so many areas. Girls and boys learn, work and play together and quickly develop excellent social skills and learn to adapt both socially and emotionally – making friends with boys and girls and knowing they are equal. 

When children are encouraged to respect each other and always to see people as individuals, they carry this with them through life. Our children’s willingness to try anything is one of their biggest strengths.

Children develop best when their teachers and family work together to help them learn and be happy. We will always keep you well informed about your child’s progress and welcome you whenever you want to talk to their teacher. Your involvement in school events makes them special for everyone. 

Integrated Learning Principles


Sensory activities

Light & shadow play

Critical thinking






Relationship with staff


Outside facilities 

Monday-Friday, Free until 2pm

Our aftercare programmes are arranged by age group, ensuring that all children
are given the love and attention that they deserve. Each group is lovingly cared
for by an experienced aftercare teacher.
* Aftercare is free until 2pm. Thereafter, an hourly rate of R90 is charged.
R3 186 per term
R1 100 per month
R130 occasional visit 2pm–5:30pm
R90 per hour

Ball games

Art projects

Board games

Sand play

Water play


We also offer a holiday school where children can delight in days of fun and games.

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