Sacred Arts Festival

The Sacred Arts Festival offers two exciting days where the curriculum is suspended and every High School student can enjoy creative workshops, outings and performances. The College’s biennial Sacred Arts Festival celebrates the arts and acknowledges the crucial role they play in the development of our learners. There are always collaborative whole-school activities that every learner gets to participate in such as watching dance and drama performances, participating in a drumming circle and our collaborative legacy projects. Last year’s project was an artistic and environmental response to our theme “Reach up, Reach Out, Dig Down” in the form of the beautiful Vertical Garden which can be seen outside the Art room. Previous projects resulted in the many various mosaics we have enhancing the College and the lively panels decorating the Science Labs. Students also get to select their other workshops which allow them to experience dance, music, drama and art workshops and performances or workshops that highlight aspects of careers that are related to the arts. In all – it is a creative, energetic, lively and fun-filled way to extend the learning experience of Sacred Heart College students and are proud to offer them this rich experience.