Sacred Heart learners assist Stop Hunger pack 10 333 meals

On the last Saturday in October, some High School learners and some staff members assisted the Stop Hunger project pack 10 333 meal packs for the poor and hungry.

“Sešego Cares sponsored the packing of 10 333 meal packs.   These STOP HUNGER meal packs are fully balanced and suitable for pre-school children and adults in crisis situations.   Passionate members of Sesego Cares, the Rotary E Club of SA 9400 together with learners of Sacred Heart, volunteered for the meal packaging and food distribution. This is a solid initiative, with measurable results which restores hope for hungry children and vulnerable adults in poor communities across the country”. Judith Chinkumbi, Sesego Cares

Hunger Facts:

Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Stunted mental & physical growth (caused by malnourishment) in the first 1000 days of life is mostly irreversible.  An estimated 3.165 million children in South Africa suffer from household hunger. Global demand of food far exceeds supply in many poor communities. Stop Hunger Now SA provides a sustainable solution to combat hunger.

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