Visit to JHB Holocaust and Genocide Centre

Eight High School learners were invited to the JHB Holocaust and Genocide Centre for an opportunity to skype with learners from Liceum im. K.I.Gałczyńskiego w Otwocku School in Warsaw, Poland. It was an opportunity for learners to lesson to discuss “Moral Choices”. The learners discussed the importance of dealing appropriately with their daily moral choices. The lesson began with the definition of Genocide and Holocaust. Choices made by various role players during the Holocaust were discussed namely; perpetrators, bystanders, upstanders and victims.
The Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre provides comprehensive education programmes for Grade 5-12 learners across Gauteng and neighbouring provinces, enhancing their study of Holocaust history. All programme topics relate to Human Rights awareness and draw on lessons from the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide, which specifically address the Grade 9 Social Science, as well as Grade 11 History and Life Orientation curricula and promote cross-curricular teaching opportunities more generally.