Visual Art

The aim of Creative Arts in the Junior High is to introduce learners to basic skills and theory of Art, Drama and Music.  Art is taught in the Junior High by Ms Danielle Khoury as part of the Creative Arts programme. The programme is fun and engages the learners through innovative tasks such as creating stop-frame animations and creating land art outside, while still placing emphasis on drawing as a valuable basic skill.

Through the Senior High years in Visual Art, Ms Debbie Le Roux guides the learners to develop their skills by creating art in multiple mediums- ranging from the more traditional drawing, painting, sculpture and linocuts to more experimental mediums and art forms. The students learn to express themselves through a range of styles from Naturalism, to Expressionism to Installation art and as they develop, they discover what they personally would like to express. The practical art course is balance by an in-depth study of theory in a learner-centred approach. We look at art through history to the present through focusing on specific themes like gender issues in art, belief systems in art and propaganda to name a few. The art students learn not only to be creative and how to express themselves, but to be insightful, lateral thinkers, to problem-solve and to think critically.