World Read Aloud day

The pleasure of listening to stories on World Read Aloud Day 1 February

Parents of Sacred Heart learners between grades R and 4 volunteered to read a story (or three) aloud to their children’s classes on World Read Aloud Day, 1 February. Local literacy NGO Nalibali ( commissioned South African author Zukiswa Wanner (you may remember her books, The Madams, and London Cape Town Joburg) to write a story especially for the day. Their aim was to reach one million children on this day. Many parents read her story, The Final Minute, to their classes  – but we were pestered for more! The simple joy of listening to a story was written on the children’s faces. We also cut out, coloured in and pinned the “Proud to read aloud” badges provided by Nalibali to our blazers. 

The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study 2016, which benchmarks international literacy levels, has published a distressing finding: “78% of Grade 4 learners in South Africa cannot read for meaning in any language.” To counteract such statistics, we must start somewhere. World Read Aloud Day has been a trenchant reminder of the importance of fuelling literacy in foundation phase learners. 

Let’s keep reading!

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