Yoga is offered by Ms Debbie Le Roux who has practised yoga for 15 years and taught it to adults for 9 years.

It is offered on a Monday afternoon 14h50 – 16h20 in the Micky Lill Fitness Centre.

Equipment and gear: Students may bring their own mats and straps if they have them and would prefer to use their own but equipment is supplied. Stretchy navy or black pants should be worn with the PE/supporter’s T-shirt and tracksuit top for relaxation.

It is limited to a small group due to the size of the venue and also because each student will need my attention to correct how poses are held to prevent injury.

I stress warming up well and will guide you to work with care and awareness of your own ability. All body types and all fitness levels can benefit from yoga and beginners are welcome. The classes include a relaxation-meditation which reduces stress and promotes well-being.

Note: Due to its non-competitive nature this co-curricular activity does not count for awards.