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Frank Hollingworth Retirement

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We were thrilled to have some of our alumni share in the launch of the Frank Hollingworth Scholarship Fund.  We shared memories of Frank or Mr Holly (as he was affectionately known).

The Frank Hollingworth Scholarship is designed to recognize Mr Hollingworth’s legacy of 43 years of service to students at Sacred Heart College. The scholarship is also about offering an opportunity to a young talented student who shows the promise of contributing to the field of medicine, engineering, scientific research or education.

A scholarship at Sacred Heart College is much more than an investment in a young person’s future. It is an investment in our collective future as citizens of the world. The returns on this investment are invaluable and everlasting.

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To support the initiative, below are the banking details.

Account Name: SACRED HEART COLLEGE | Bank: FIRST NATIONAL BANK | Account Number: 62185888016 | Branch Code: 257705 | Branch Name: EASTGATE 527 | Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ / ZA254655 | Reference: 40065

Primary School Gala

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Primary School Gala

House Points:

1 st – Benedict 284 points
2 nd – Geddes 273 points
3 rd – O’Leary 245 points
4 th – Valerian 196 points

Senior Victrix Luodorum: Leah De Gale
Senior Victor Luodorum: Aymaan Christianse
Spirit Trophy: Geddes

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Top Achievers

Grade 4 Girls Overall:
3 rd place – Geeta Govendar
2 nd place – Amaana Christianse
1 st place – Amen Getahun

Grade 4 Boys Overall:
3 rd place – Akhil Verwey
2 nd place – Sharad Chiman
1 st place – Aymaan Christianse

Grade 5 Girls
Tie 2 nd place – Zoe Nkabane and Leila Jungar
1 st place – Leah De Gale

Grade 5 Boys
3 rd place – Mikail Tromp
2 nd place – Cruz Mckenzie
1 st place – Mutawakkil Hartley

Grade 6 Girls Overall:
3 rd place – Vanessa Davila
2 nd place – Lerato Siziba
1 st place – Zorina Tromp

Grade 6 Boys Overall:
3 rd place – Daniel Morris
2 nd place – Taegen Mckenzie
1 st place – Qaim Tromp