Sacred Heart Scholarship

We are situated in Observatory, which is between Yeoville, Berea and Houghton, high up on a Johannesburg ridge, between poverty and privilege. It is where the intersection of poverty and privilege takes place, where human endeavour lies and where social experiments can and do happen.

However, occupying this privileged space comes with significant responsibility. Sacred Heart College is the bridge, the connection in the South Africa of today. To continue to be successful, the school must excel at what it does. It is through this excellence that we will retain our legitimacy as leaders in the independent sector. We have a long tradition of being this educational bridge between poverty and privilege, between diversity and transformation, activism and action.

The social and economic order in South Africa and the world is changing fast. It needs this educational bridge in so many spheres of life-technology, climate change, poverty, diversity, transformation and belonging, governance, ethics, medicine, law, education and wherever there is human endeavour. 

We want to continue to prepare students to be bridge builders so that they can navigate through this rapidly changing world and thrive wherever they might live, here in Africa or abroad and help others do the same.

In keeping with this, and to continue to ensure that we provide deserving students with access to a quality education, excellent facilities, and the opportunity to develop into the bridge builders of tomorrow, Sacred Heart College is offering a limited number of parents (both current and prospective) the opportunity to enrol their children at our school on a partial scholarship basis. These scholarships range from 15-50% of our current fees.