There is no ordinary within these gates.

Our Approach

Changes in a developing global, knowledge-based world, together with a growing understanding of how people learn, have shifted the focus of education from gaining and replicating knowledge, to developing students who can transfer and apply their knowledge both in and beyond the classroom.

When a child joins Sacred Heart College, he or she begins a journey that will carry them through to 18 and beyond. Our curriculum runs seamlessly through every section and is designed to prepare your child for life in the 21st century. It teaches children and young people to think creatively and critically, to care and build flexible skills for a fast-changing world of new technologies.

Our values

Relate with sincerity and openness
Avoid pretence and duplicity
Be humble and modest
Avoid elitism

Be present
Spend time with each other beyond the classroom
Listen to each other
Make an effort to understand the world

Reflect on the meaning of life
Be grateful for God’s love
Practise perseverance

Recognise work as an act of service and love
Do your work. Do it well
Appreciate the dignity of work
Balance work with rest and recreation

Welcome all
Care for each other
Share responsibilities
Lookout and care for the weaker ones

The Marist History

The Marist Brother movement dates back to 1816, where Marcellin Champagnat, a young French priest, tended to a young boy on his deathbed, who had no knowledge of God and His love. He founded an order of teaching brothers near Lyon. They called themselves The Little Brothers of Mary. As the Brothers grew in number, they travelled around the world, with their mission to make God known and loved. They arrived in South Africa in 1867 and began to transform the way the education system worked.

The Marist Network

The Marist Network thrives in 80 countries on five continents, with a lot of focus
on their 520 schools. The network also operates in a number of organisations
and groups. Most recently, they have initiated the La Valla 200 international
groups: Brothers and laity living in community and working together to serve
those most vulnerable on each continent.


Marist university hospitals

53 million

educational books published each year


centres of higher education

5 Marist schools in South Africa

Sacred Heart College

Marist Brothers Linmeyer
Johannesburg South

St David’s Inanda

St Henry’s Marist College

St Joseph’s Marist College
Cape Town