Grade 1-6

Our children learn and grow within a community where they feel safe and secure, have clear expectations of how they should be treated by others, and have high standards for themselves in how they behave towards other people.

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Teaching Philosophy

Our aim, as a school, is to develop the potential of all our students through our academic, sport, culture, leadership and community engagement. Our Primary School seeks to provide a progressive and stimulating environment where our students are encouraged to think critically, and analytically. This empowers them, helping them to develop their potential across all areas of school life.

Just as important in our learning are the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, the teamwork and leadership, the ability to think on their feet and work under pressure that will equip our students no matter what the future brings.

The creative use of technology enables our students and teachers to move beyond traditional classrooms, transforming education through innovative, unique ways of learning. 

Our children learn and grow within a community where they feel safe and secure, have clear expectations of how they should be treated by others, and have high standards for themselves in how they behave towards other people. 

Primary School News

The Swim-a-thon

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The Swim-a-thon has a longstanding tradition in the Primary School. Thank you to those who attended the 2022 Swim-a-thon. . Our little swimmers braved the early morning chill and showed…

Grade 2 project-based learning

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As part of the Grade 2 project-based learning activity, students were tasked with making a bear. This task helps enhance their fine motor skills. Using both hands together in a…

Grade 4 Animal project

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Our Grade 4 students working on their animal defence project.

Special Visitor Day

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We would like to thank all the parents and special visitors that came and celebarated with us. Our Pre-Primary School welcomed our VIP visitors. The event gave Sacred Heart College…


We nurture each child’s spiritual integrity through prayer, reflection,
meditation and contemplation, centered on Catholic belief.
We embrace students of all religious backgrounds, but we ask that all students respect
these Catholic practices by attending religious education lessons,
mass and religious observances at school.

  • RELO
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Reconciliation Services
  • Confirmation
  • Assemblies
  • Mass
  • Community Service

Student wellbeing is an integral aspect of a student’s life at the College. We work collaboratively with students, parents, guardians and other community members to ensure a safe school environment, guided by our child safeguarding policy. The enhancement of spirituality and the education in faith in a multi-faith community is important. Our mandate, taken from the founder of the Marist Brothers, St Marcellin Champagnat, is to make Jesus Christ known and loved.

The Faith Formation at the College has several elements:

  • Religious Education curriculum, where students deepen both their knowledge of the faith, as well as their own faith. In this sense, Religious Education is both an academic discipline, like any other subject, as well as being an opportunity to develop and deepen their own faith.
  • Liturgy, where students participate in whole-school Masses and liturgies. Through these experiences, students derive a sense of community and a school culture where rituals reflect and nurture faith and Marist values.
  • Retreats are an opportunity for students to reflect on their relationships with themselves, other people, and God.
  • The social justice activities provide students with an opportunity to be of service to their community and wider-world through a variety of activities and fundraisers.

Culture and Sport

A wide range of activities to choose from.

The main purpose of sport at the College is to provide everyone with the knowledge and experience to be active for life. Throughout the school the focus will be on providing opportunities for participation, enjoyment and excellence. Our programmes foster:

Active participation throughout the school and this correlates positively with improved academic performance. Participation increases the likelihood of the student becoming an active adult.

We believe in balance, which is why the cultural disciplines on offer are as extensive as the range of sports accommodated here. The emphasis is not on choosing either to be a sportsman or someone with a more cultural inclination, but for children to be able to access both and explore themselves and their environment through the range we offer. All sports are offered to both boys and girls


We undertake to form well-balanced children by offering a variety of cultural activities.
Children can discover newfound talents, skills and passions by participating in these activities.

Grade 1-2

Foundation Phase

Grade 4-6

Intermediate Phase

  • Little Baker’s Club
  • Little Gardener’s Club
  • Choir
  • Care Hour
  • Mandarin
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Drumming
  • Art
  • Chess
  • Zumba
  • Debating
  • Yoga
  • Coding
  • #Positive Me for girls
  • Marimbas
  • Care Hour
  • Kids Aerobics
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Zumba
  • Choir
  • Music
  • Computer Club


Students have a wide range of sports to choose from. While swimming
is compulsory from Grade 1-6, all other sports are optional.

Grade 1-2

  • Mini Cricket
  • Mini Basketball
  • Mini Tennis
  • Mini Netball
  • Mini Soccer
  • Mini Hockey

Grade 3-6

  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Soccer

Grade 3-6

  • Hockey
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics
  • Fun Fitness

Private extracurricular activities

We offer additional extracurricular activities that provide students with the
opportunity to explore their creative, athletic and musical skills.

Homework class for Foundation Phase is available from 14:00 – 15:00.
Aftercare is available from 15:00 – 17:30


  • Swimming lessons (private)
  • Football club
  • Double bass/ double bass guitar
  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics
  • Dancing


  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Keyboard
  • Recorder
  • Guitar (electric and classical)