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Our Anti-Bullying Approach

Our approach

Bullying is a social problem and occurs in many interpersonal relationships.

It is characterized by an imbalance of power where one person desires to humiliate another.

That is why it is difficult for a person being bullied to report it.

“The College, in line with our Catholic, Marist ethos, is opposed to any form of behaviour exhibited by any member of the community which puts another person’s basic rights in jeopardy and which constitutes any form of bullying.”

Heather Blanckensee, Head of College

To report any bully incident, please speak to any Sacred Heart College member alternatively email: stopbully@sacredheart.co.za


Bullying occurs in many different ways and needs to be recognised and reported by everyone.


Counsel and support the person who has been bullied to navigate their trauma and develop skills associated with assertive behaviour.


Help the person doing the bullying to identify their bullying behaviour, acknowledge the damage this has caused and face the consequences as a result.


Educate the witness or bystanders about the role they play in escalating and de- escalating bullying behaviour.

Our Policy