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Celebrating 100 Years Of Excellence In Education

Sacred Heart College would like to congratulate it’s class of 2023 on their results! Our commitment to unlocking potential extends beyond academic metrics; it’s about fostering an environment where every student can thrive, learn, and achieve their personal best.


Russell John Davis

Top Achiever | 6 Distinctions

English Home Language, Information Technology, Life Orientation, Dramatic Arts, Mathematics, Statistics (Mathematics Further Studies), Algebra and Calculus (Mathematics Further Studies)

Sikelela Monakali

6 Distinctions

Mathematics, English Home Language, IsiZulu First Additional Language, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Dramatic Arts

Annarosa Mae Payne

6 Distinctions

Mathematics, English Home Language, History, Dramatic Arts, Life Orientation, Visual Arts

Yusayrah Adam

5 Distinctions

Mathematics, English Home Language, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Visual Arts

Ayanda Siphosethu Ludonga

5 Distinctions

Mathematics, Dramatic Arts, Business Studies, IsiZulu First Additional Language, Life Orientation

Cassidi Summer Opperman

5 Distinctions

Mathematics, English Home Language, Dramatic Arts, Life Orientation, Life Sciences

Keyan Naidoo

4 Distinctions

Mathematics, Geography, Life Orientation, Life Sciences

Benel Grace Bedi

4 Distinctions

English Home Language, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Visual Arts

Sheena Sielinou Nkamankeng

4 Distinctions

Business Studies, English Home Language, Life Orientation, Life Sciences

Sacred Heart College Celebrates a Century of Educational Excellence with the Class of 2023

Sacred Heart College, a beacon of educational excellence for a century, is thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of its Class of 2023 in the recent final exams. This milestone year is a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing resilient, well-rounded individuals who are prepared for future challenges.

Celebrating Individual Stories of Triumph

Beyond academic accomplishments, Sacred Heart College takes pride in celebrating the unique narratives of each student. These individuals have not only met academic milestones but have also demonstrated exceptional character, diverse talents, and a remarkable ability to navigate challenges with determination and grace.

Every Child, Every Story Matters!

Central to Sacred Heart College’s century-long legacy is our commitment to fostering excellence and unlocking every student’s potential. In 2023, The High school Principal Mr Dhiraj Bharuth had the opportunity to welcome students from Dominican Convent School who transferred into Sacred Heart College’s Grade 12 cohort in January.  Though unprecedented for independent schools which rarely accept new students so late in their schooling, this decision aligned with our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Despite merging two distinct groups only 10 months before exams we were confident in the students’ resilience and saw this as a valuable chance to strengthen unity.  As Mr Bharuth reflects, “The diversity of talents and perspectives has created a dynamic and mutually supportive blend. Though there were initial challenges, together the students, parents, and teachers turned bumps into opportunities to build community and forge ahead.”  By opening our doors and focusing on the individual child over metrics, Sacred Heart College lived out its enduring commitment to shaping capable, compassionate matriculants. We could not be prouder of how this group embodied our motto “In Meliora Contende” – Strive for better things.

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School Tour 

If you are interested in visiting Sacred Heart College we would like to invite you to take a tour around our College and engage with our leadership, teachers and your child’s future classmates.