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2024 Fees

(Per Family)
(Jan - Nov)
CrecheR 47,250.00R 7,000.00R 54,250.00R 4,931.82
Play GroupR 57,750.00R 7,000.00R 64,750.00R 5,886.36
Grade 000 - 00R 63,000.00R 7,000.00R 70,000.00R 6,363.64
Grade R
R 66,150.00R 7,000.00R 73,150.00R 6,650.00
Grade 1 - 2R 81,900.00R 7,000.00R 88,900.00R 8,081.82
Grade 3R 95,550.00R 7,000.00R 102,550.00R 9,322.73
Grade 4 - 6R 96,600.00R 7,000.00R 103,600.00R 9,418.18
Grade 7 - 8R 97,650.00R 7,000.00R 104,650.00R 9,513.64
Grade 9R 97,650.00R 7,000.00R 104,650.00R 9,513.64
Grade 10R 119,175.00R 7,000.00R 126,175.00R 11,470.45
Grade 11 - 12R 129,675.00R 7,000.00R 136,675.00R 12,425.00

Payment Options

Parents are given the following options to settle their accounts by paying:

Option 1:

Full school fees and levies in advance and receive a discount which is determined at the time of payment.

  • Payment by 15 Dec 7.5% (school fees only)
  • Payment by 31 Dec 6.0% (school fees only)
  • Payment by 15 Jan 4.0% (school fees only)

Option 2:

Per term in advance in three instalments on the 1st January, 1st May and the 1st September

Option 3:

Per month in 11 equal instalments commencing on the 1 January and concluding on the 1 November.