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The parking lot was transformed into a rollerblade rink on Friday, 16, February 2024, for our Primary School Rollerblade Disco event. Students strapped on their protective gear, accessories, and favourite outfits for a fun night of skating and dancing.  Upbeat music played all evening to keep the energy high. Our talented DJs entertained the crowd with all the classic roller skating jams.   Students stopped by the food section between skating rounds to fuel up on Preggo Rolls, Burgers, Frosty Bites and Juice. The event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our dedicated parent volunteers, we truly appreciate all that our parents contributed. Your support helped make this annual Primary School Rollerblade Disco an unforgettable night for the students.

Our students are already looking forward to lacing up their skates again next year for another fabulous roller disco event!