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Steam Festival

About the Festival

This year the festival aims to make the head-heart, technology-art connection. We aspire to show how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics are transformational tools that we use on a daily basis, often without even realising it, to propel us forward from the place that we held just yesterday.

The journey will involve not only travelling backwards but inwards as well as a means of understanding and making sense of the multiple facets that have brought us to where we are today: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually

All of these aspects will be explored through a variety of workshops and activities that utilize Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics as well as finding ways to connect them and take them beyond dreaming and calculating.

Journeys happen in so many different ways and we hope that the multiple journeys that the students, teachers, parents and facilitators embark on will culminate in a better understanding of the self in all its facets thus giving each and every ‘traveller’ the courage and insight “to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

Keynote Speaker

David Block on Astronomy

Professor David Block is an inspirational speaker on astronomy. He encourages audiences to always ‘look up’ – and to never ‘give up!’ He speaks from the heart, sharing in-depth lessons from his world of research.

The Legacy Project

A Heart Apart

This year’s Legacy Project looks at the heart not just as an image or symbol, but as a working part of the human body in all its intricacies. The different chambers and valves of the heart will be re-created and re-imagined on 6 panels. Each grade will be represented by a different panel. Each student will bring their own individual creativity to the design of the panel by adding textures and layers of cogs, computer parts, nuts and bolts, text, bits and bobs, and odds and ends.


Hands on Technology

Looking at the various aspects of technology and tools and creating fun projects that can be used at home.

Site Specific Set Design

Be inspired by locations around the school to tell a story in a two-minute film. Basic film and editing techniques will be explored using your phone.

Steam Punk Hats

Make a steampunk hat that lights up in a dazzling display of colour using an Arduino microcontroller. No experience with programming or electronics is required. We’ll cover the basics of techno-wizardry, including programming microcontrollers and developing your own circuits.

Frank’s Legacy

Exploring some of the fun experiments that we can do in our own lab with some seriously cool equipment.

SteamPunk Crafts

Create your own SteamPunk Art. Take everyday items and turn them into pieces that fit perfectly at home in ‘Queen Victoria’s Bomb’, ‘The Anubis Gates’ or even ‘Anno Dracula’.

The Evolving Body

Our journey from all fours and living in trees to our standing, walking and running existence today is truly an adventure! Discover how we are born to move vast distances; to walk, to run, to fill the world. “If we evolved from apes, why are apes not evolving into humans?”

Learn the answer to this often asked question! Through theatre games and exercises we can learn about the processes which evolved us to what we are today.

Brain Training

Grapple with a variety of fun riddles and logic puzzles to develop critical thinking skills.

DJ Technology

The basic concepts of DJ’ing, including beat-mixing and alternative song transitions, are introduced through VirtualDJ. A traditional CDJ and DJM will also be set for hands-on experience. Bring your own headphones to explore your journey into digital sound.

DJ Club Experience

A ‘club dance’ experience to develop tools and strategies for combating Gender-Based Violence and homophobia in recreation settings. We find these spaces to be both vulnerable to abuse and rich in opportunities for healing.

Making It UP

SOMA – School of Makeup Artistry, Celebrating the ART in Makeup Artistry giving you the inside scoop into the world of makeup. Using the powerful medium of Makeup, fueling Artistic expression by exploring the ART of Makeup Design.

Fashionably Upcycled

Taking a mass produced clothing item and transforming it into contemporary streetwear by means of fabric manipulation and texturing. You will be guided through this process of creative thinking to explore new possibilities of design. And the best part is you walk away with a ‘new’ item of clothing.

The Forgotten Scientists

Unrecognised, ignored and forgotten. The Story of Saul Sithole, a pioneering black scientist who contributed to the fields of anthropology and ornithology in South Africa. Join us in conversation with the Author, Lerato Trok.

Environmental Scientist

Vogo’s harvest is her pride and joy. Join Lihle and Ntando for a fun-filled adventure at Gogo and Mkhulu’s village, as they learn about seasons, farming cycles and the importance of water for the life of plants, animals and people.

The Parts Party

Delve into your subconscious mind and meet 6 different versions of yourself shaped by your beliefs, values, and experiences. Learn how they fire neurons in the conscious mind to govern your behaviours and reactions.

When Fire Meets Art

Burning desire comes to life in this amazing workshop. Learn about fumage drawing, the contemporary artists who use this exciting technique, followed by a demonstration which will show you how to draw with fire.

The Science Behind Art

The workshop explores the use of Four colour printing using Cyan,Magenta,Yellow and Black to create photographic and realistic silk screen prints.

Intricate Board Games

Learn to create digital games from custom board games that have intricate rule sets.

Steam House Challenge

The Steam House challenge will get our students’ minds working overtime as they combine elements of science, technology, engineering, art and maths as they build a life-size rubber band powered catapult to compete in the furthest launched water-bomb.

Each house will bring its own flair to the competition ending in a massive showdown on the 1st day.

Sacred Heart Day

The 1st of October marks SHC DAY. This year each grade will compete in a LIP SYNC BATTLE. Each class will go to a live draw, choose their song, and then have a few minutes to put a routine together and then gloves off; the LIPSYNC BATTLE begins. So bring something new to the floor in true SHC style. Be prepared to laugh and be entertained.