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The Swim-a-thon

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The Swim-a-thon has a longstanding tradition in the Primary School. Thank you to those who attended the 2022 Swim-a-thon. . Our little swimmers braved the early morning chill and showed off their fantastic swimming skills.

The total amount raised was R54 425. The PA collected R1920 of the total from their food stalls and Mr van der Merwe managed to raise R860. Well done!

The top class, Grade 2, (Mrs Els), collected R8 100. The top grade, Grade 3, (Ms Bacalhau and Ms Breuer) collected R9 388. The funds have traditionally gone to upgrading some aspect of the sports facilities and this year will be no different.

Grade 2 project-based learning

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As part of the Grade 2 project-based learning activity, students were tasked with making a bear. This task helps enhance their fine motor skills. Using both hands together in a coordinated manner is a skill needed for handwriting, scissor use, and many functional tasks. When colouring, a child needs to hold the paper as they colour.

Special Visitor Day

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We would like to thank all the parents and special visitors that came and celebarated with us. Our Pre-Primary School welcomed our VIP visitors. The event gave Sacred Heart College special visitors an opportunity to spend a day in the life of a pre-primary school student. The visitors experienced a beadwork activity, pottery making, yoga to just mention a few. At Sacred Heart College we have staff that are highly qualified in supervision of young children and we provide an environment where they can become involved in indoor and outdoor games, arts, crafts and constructive play.

Open day 2022

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Our Open Day at Sacred Heart College presented a wide variety of academic, cultural and sporting activities to entertain our visitors.  In addition to all the action our Head of College, Heather Blanckensee, shared words of wisdom on “ Are you ready for a teenager?”  Subsequently Dr Mark Potterton, our Pre-Primary and Primary School Principal, shared his latest research insights on “Finding yourself at school”.  It was wonderful to have so many prospective parents engaging and connecting with staff and students.  Thank you to everyone who supported our Open Day, it was an amazing and memorable morning.