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Matric Results 2023

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Sacred Heart College Celebrates a Century of Educational Excellence with the Class of 2023

Sacred Heart College, a beacon of educational excellence for a century, is thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of its Class of 2023 in the recent final exams. This milestone year is a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing resilient, well-rounded individuals who are prepared for future challenges.

Celebrating Individual Stories of Triumph

Beyond academic accomplishments, Sacred Heart College takes pride in celebrating the unique narratives of each student. These individuals have not only met academic milestones but have also demonstrated exceptional character, diverse talents, and a remarkable ability to navigate challenges with determination and grace.

Every Child, Every Story Matters!

Central to Sacred Heart College’s century-long legacy is our commitment to fostering excellence and unlocking every student’s potential. In 2023, The High school Principal Mr Dhiraj Bharuth had the opportunity to welcome students from Dominican Convent School who transferred into Sacred Heart College’s Grade 12 cohort in January. Though unprecedented for independent schools which rarely accept new students so late in their schooling, this decision aligned with our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Despite merging two distinct groups only 10 months before exams we were confident in the students’ resilience and saw this as a valuable chance to strengthen unity. As Mr Bharuth reflects, “The diversity of talents and perspectives has created a dynamic and mutually supportive blend. Though there were initial challenges, together the students, parents, and teachers turned bumps into opportunities to build community and forge ahead.” By opening our doors and focusing on the individual child over metrics, Sacred Heart College lived out its enduring commitment to shaping capable, compassionate matriculants. We could not be prouder of how this group embodied our motto “In Meliora Contende” – striving for excellence.

Join Us in Congratulating Our Achievers!

We invite the entire Sacred Heart College community to come together and applaud our students’ hard work, dedication, and resilience. This achievement is a collective success, made possible by the unwavering support of parents, our exceptional teachers’ guidance, and our students’ determination. This achievement is a collective success, made possible by the unwavering support of parents, our exceptional teachers’ guidance, and our students’ determination.

Top Achievers:

  1. Russell John Davis (6 distinctions) – Maths, Dramatic Arts, English, Information Technology, Life Orientation, Further Studies Maths (Statistics, Calculus and Algebra)
  2. Sikelela Monakali (6 distinctions) – Maths, Dramatic Arts, English, IsiZulu, Life Orientation, Life Science
  3. Annarosa Mae Payne (6 distinctions) – Maths, Dramatic Art, English, History, Life Orientation, Visual Arts
  4. Yusayrah Adam (5 distinctions) – Maths, English, Life Orientation, Life Science, Visual Arts
  5. Ayanda Siphosethu Ludonga (5 distinctions) – Maths, Dramatic Art, Business Studies, IsiZulu, Life Orientation
  6. Cassidi Summer Opperman (5 distinctions) – Maths, Dramatic Arts, English, Life Orientation, Life Science
  7. Keynan Naidoo (4 distinctions) – Maths, Geography, Life Orientation, Life Science
  8. Benel Grace Bedi (4 distinctions) – English, Life Orientation, Life Science, Visual Art
  9. Sheena Sielinou Nkamankeng (4 distinctions) – Business Studies, English, Life Orientation, Life Science

What’s Next? A Future of Infinite Possibilities!

As we celebrate this significant achievement, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in our students’ journeys. With unwavering belief in their potential, we are confident that they will continue to uphold the legacy of excellence and make us proud. The future is theirs to shape, filled with infinite possibilities. In the dynamic landscape of education, where Sacred Heart College has stood as a pillar of stability and excellence for a century, our students have navigated challenges and emerged as resilient individuals ready to embrace the ever-evolving world.

As Head of College Ms Heather Blanckensee affirms, “This year’s matric results are not just a celebration of academic achievements but a continuation of a century-long commitment to social justice and fostering the growth of exceptional individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.”

Congratulations, Class of 2023, on your outstanding achievements and for being an integral part of Sacred Heart College’s rich legacy of educational excellence!

For media inquiries, please contact: Sibusiso Ndlovu at email address sibusiso.ndlovu@sacredheart.co.za 011 081 2200

New High School Principal appointed

By High School News

Dhiraj Bharuth appointment

It gives the Board of Governors great pleasure to announce that, with the approval of the Marist Schools Council, we have appointed Dhiraj Bharuth as the Sacred Heart College (“the College”) High School Principal with immediate effect (Tuesday 12 September 2023).

Dhiraj Bharuth was appointed Acting High School principal on 1 January 2023. During the past eight months, he has led the high school very effectively and achieved several objectives set by the College Executive and High School Leadership Team whilst also teaching and chairing the maintenance committee.

The Board of Governors, Marist Schools Council, and the Marist family extend their warmest congratulations to Dhiraj Bharuth on his well-deserved appointment. His dedication, leadership, and vision will undoubtedly shape the future of Sacred Heart College Marist Observatory and inspire the entire school. Sacred Heart College would like to express its gratitude to the students, staff, and parents for their continued support and encouragement.

Midmar 2023

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Making a splash at the world’s largest open-water swim!

We celebrate our fearless swimmers who took part in or completed the Midmar Mile on 11-13 February. We are hugely proud of Kai Davies-Penfold, Grade 4B, 9 years old, who completed the Midmar Mile in the Girls 13 and under section, in 40 minutes

Dipping your toes into the unknown takes courage, but finishing takes heart.

Champagnat Day Mass 2023

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Leila Wakefield Grade 12

Mass was a festive affair with the rhythm of the marimbas calling us, and welcoming us, to celebrate. It was a joy to have the Brothers join us, and to have Br John with his guitar. It was good to have our parents and other special guests too. Thinking about how we as Marists are called to grow our awareness of those in the margins, and to work to include the ones we other, was the theme of our reflection. The children sang beautifully, from preschool to Matric, and the student reflections were thought provoking. Fr Mokesh led with compassion and challenge, and as we led out we were thoroughly warmed through in body and soul.

We Marists of Champagnat, are invited to live in unity and to oppose marginalization on a small and large scale. To marginalize someone is to treat individuals or specific groups of people as insignificant and inferior to others. We see people being marginalized in society based on race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, sexuality and economic status.

We are also guilty of marginalization on a smaller level, we do it at school, in our neighborhoods, and even in our own homes when we exclude people for the core things that make up their identity and make them feel as if they are less than us. These people’s rights, voices and humanity are denied, and as a result suffer at the hands of others for their whole lives.

Every single one of us took part in putting together a puzzle for today’s mass. Eventually you would have noticed that on every puzzle is a picture of a maze. A maze is representative of this journey of life; there are dead ends, twisting corners that confuse you, and the reward at the end takes forever to reach. I want you to imagine yourself in a literal maze.

Imagine what this journey to the end or the glinting gold will be like. Will it be hard? Frustrating? Frightening? Or will it be easy? Imagine what it will be like if you were in this maze alone. Would it be any better if you were with a group of people? Picture yourself in this maze with a group of people that always exclude you, make you feel like you have no value.

How would you feel? How would you feel when the leader of this group makes sure that everyone does their absolute best to exclude you, dehumanize you, hurt you, and exploit you? It’s unfair, right? It’s unfair when you’re the only one that gets treated this way. Will you endure it the entire time you are in this huge, spine-chilling maze with people that constantly bury your spirit deeper and deeper? Or will you have the courage and heart to defend yourself against them?

Congratulations, you have just completed a small lesson on empathy!

With a similar perspective, I want you to question why we should bring people from the margins of society closer to us. We need to dig into the humanity that is constantly squashed by the laws and people that use their power over us. While injustice is common, one should never accept justice as common. As humans that are all owned by the earth and the universe, it is our duty to fight injustices like marginalization with all our strength and heart.

As humans that are connected to the earth, we should have love for our earth and its people. And because of this love, we need to exercise our right to criticize each other’s actions, hold those in power accountable, and draw people that were cast aside closer to us and our hearts.

This should not just make up our own moral center, but also how we identify as Marists. Being Marist connects us to our spirituality, and from spirituality comes reflection. Reflection is key to helping us realize our role in this journey of life, and it helps us realize what we need to do to create a change in our community and greater society. Without reflection, we become burnt out when we are constantly running towards a world that we want to create. Reflect and regain your fire, spirit, and sight of the path you need to follow and people you give your strength to.

Saint Marcellin Champagnat is an example for alleviating issues of marginalization as he established schools in rural areas where children had no access to education.He made this his entire life’s goal. As extensions of Champagat’s work and his vision, and as people that are interconnected with each other, exercise your right to criticize and demand change where you see injustice. We are Champagnat today for ourselves, tomorrow for the world we want to live in, and always in our hearts.

Celebrating Sacred Heart’s Class of 2022 with the Fourth Industrial Revolution future in their sights

By High School News

Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg is pleased to announce a 100% Matric pass rate. Seven students obtained four or more distinctions – and a number of other Matrics made significant learning gains to meet the goals they set during their school journey.

The College’s top matriculants for 2022 are: Faeez Dada, with seven distinctions, including 100% for Mathematics and an A for Further Studies Mathematics; Jemi Luzinga, with six distinctions; and Zayd Fazel-Ellahi, who has five distinctions including an A for Further Studies Mathematics.

Miles Holmes, Ntshembo Tiyani Maswanganyi, Belekazi Mbele and Luca Sampson earned four distinctions each. A further 18 students achieved an additional 35 distinctions, translating into an average of about two distinctions each.

Like other schools, Sacred Heart felt the effects of Covid-19, with the 2022 Matric cohort being directly affected by the pandemic from the onset of their foundational Matric year. They have had to navigate disrupted schooling and remote learning, a sentiment recognised by Anne Oberholzer, CEO of the Independent Examinations Board, in her media statement.

Sacred Heart is also just as proud of those students who may have been struggling academically and even failing in grade 10, for example, but who have improved consistently to obtain a bachelor’s pass or a distinction in Matric. Thanks to the support of the teachers and all the staff at the school, their parents, and their own dedication and determination, they have excelled and the college couldn’t be more pleased for them.

“We are thrilled for the student from a modest background who obtained distinctions despite the odds,” says Head of College Heather Blanckensee. “We toast the young man who came to Sacred Heart when his school closed down, found his feet and went on to achieve outstanding results. The refugee student who faced significant xenophobic challenges in a public high school and has gone on to achieve six distinctions. One student who hadn’t been passing has now opened up new horizons with a diploma pass, showing impressive learning gains. We celebrate them all.”

Sacred Heart’s ethos prioritises each child’s “journey to success”, leveraging the power of the “educational triangle” of parent, teacher and student to map out a child’s personal improvement goals and how to attain them. Developing a growth mindset is crucial to this journey.

“We believe every student should have the opportunity to study further,” explains Blanckensee. “There is incredible pressure to go to university and get a degree, but some young people may not be suited for that and many degrees do not adequately prepare them for the world of work. As the world continues to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the need for entrepreneurs, schools need to create opportunities for students to access different further study options if they wish, not necessarily only university, and prepare parents and students to make informed choices about their future.”

Blanckensee believes a mental shift needs to happen to realise that a 4IR-led future does not only require mathematical and scientific skills, but also success in the sphere of creativity and being able to navigate the complexities of collaboration in a diverse and uncertain world. “Different intelligences, including social intelligences, are needed in today’s workplace,” she says.

“That’s why we are all celebrating the results of our students who have displayed outstanding perseverance, involved themselves in all the co-curricular activities and still found time for community involvement projects. This, together with their further studies, will give them a choice of careers that will ensure that they are agile and are well-equipped for an ever-changing job market.”

Analysing Sacred Heart College’s Matric results holistically and from a 4IR viewpoint, there was a strong performance in key subjects: 73% of students writing Dramatic Arts obtained distinctions, 55.5% obtained distinctions for Visual Arts, 50% for Computer Applications Technology, 40% for Information Technology, 43% for isiZulu, 26% for Mathematics and 24% for Mathematical Literacy. “This shows us that Sacred Heart College is preparing students holistically for the 4IR,” she says.

“We have seen the amount of hard work our students put into these three years, and how they have grown in character and developed a strong work ethic. We are confident that, given this foundation, these young people will continue to excel in their future endeavours, and we look forward to hearing about their continued successes.”

Special Visitor Day

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We would like to thank all the parents and special visitors that came and celebarated with us. Our Pre-Primary School welcomed our VIP visitors. The event gave Sacred Heart College special visitors an opportunity to spend a day in the life of a pre-primary school student. The visitors experienced a beadwork activity, pottery making, yoga to just mention a few. At Sacred Heart College we have staff that are highly qualified in supervision of young children and we provide an environment where they can become involved in indoor and outdoor games, arts, crafts and constructive play.