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Stacey Fru a young novelist!

By School News

We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible talent of Stacey Fru, a young novelist in our school. Her new book, Middleburg East, is a captivating read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Inspired by a creepy experience, Stacey has crafted a story that follows three determined teens who

set out on a mission to find their missing friend. Along the way, they face unexpected challenges and make difficult choices, ultimately becoming clouded by secrets, lies, bickering, betrayal, and regrets.

Middleburg East raises important questions about loyalty and sacrifice. As readers, we are left to ponder: if you had to choose between saving your sister and saving your best friend, who would you choose?

Tuckshop Tender

By School News, Tenders

Sacred Heart College invites tenders from parties interested in running the school tuck shop.

Previous experience of running a tuck shop within a school environment will be important and of advantage to the applicant.

Sacred Heart College intends to enter into an agreement with a service provider who is to provide the services required. The services rendered will be for the service provider’s own account, taking responsibility for all risks including profit/loss, stock, and cash control.


To sell legally permitted, quality, healthy, wholesome foods and refreshments to the Sacred Heart community in an efficient and professional manner.


i. Students
ii. Staff
iii. Parents
iv. Visitors


i. The initial term of the contract will be for the period 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024 (12 months). Sacred Heart College reserves the right to renew or re-advertise for a new service provider.
ii. Either party may cancel the contract at any given time by giving 90 days’ notice in writing to this effect.


The rental will be negotiated based on a percentage of turnover and will be payable at the beginning of each month. The rental will be reviewed on an annual basis, taking inflation into account. Any increase will be communicated timeously.


i. Monday to Friday excluding certain periods in the school holidays.
ii. Official school events taking place over weekends or holidays.
iii. Standard operating hours – Monday to Fridays 06h00 – 18h00
iv. Furthermore, tuck shop management and staff must be available to provide catering services for school events and meetings, which might be after hours, if requested.


Interested parties are invited to submit a tender proposal, considering the following:

i. The successful tenderer is required to ensure that the tuck shop stocks a range of healthy foods in compliance at least with the following – Halaal, limited processed products, wholewheat options.
ii. All items intended to be sold must meet the approval of Sacred heart College management.
iii. Distribution process – ordering process and distribution to our School Campus.
iv. An electronic daily, weekly, and termly ordering and payment system for staff and students must form part of the service offered.
v. All menu items are to be individually priced for sale (incl VAT).
vi. The tuck shop will not have the sole right to sell food and beverages at the school. Internal fundraising will take place from time to time in consultation with the Service Provider. An example of this would be PTA events and initiatives.
vii. An offering of “extra’s” – providing birthday cakes, selling frozen meals etc would be an added advantage if included. Colourings and flavourings are to be limited since many children have food allergies. to colouring agents and preservatives. Must cater for food allergies.
viii. The preparation and handling of food are to be done according to the Food Safety and Quality Regulations.
ix. The successful applicant is required to staff the tuck shop. Staff shall conduct their business in a courteous manner. Staff must comply with Sacred Heart College’s Child Safeguarding Policy and be available to attend Child Safeguarding training when required.
x. Staff to be remunerated in a fair manner, and in compliance with at least the minimums in terms of the South African Labour laws such as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.
xi. The successful applicant will give serious consideration to taking into their employ Sacred Heart College’s existing tuck shop staff. Sacred heart college will comply with the necessary transfer obligations, if any.
xii. Sacred Heart College can offer a consistent electricity and water supply.


i. Some fixed and electrical equipment is available for use by the successful tenderer but will remain the property of Sacred Heart College. Such equipment must be in place and in full working order upon the conclusion of the contract.
ii. Other equipment required will be at the service provider’s expense.
iii. Any damage that cannot be attributed to normal wear and tear must be paid for by the service provider.
iv. The school shall not be held liable for any loss of stock and equipment.
v. The service provider is to remove all waste (wet or dry) daily. Waste must be appropriately packaged for disposal with the use of proper refuse bags.
vi. We encourage the use of environmentally friendly packaging as well as recycling.


i. Copy of the company registration document.
ii. Copy of the business’s VAT registration document (if any).
iii. Certified copies of owner(s)/directors identity documents.
iv. Copy of the identity documents and Police Clearance certificates for the service provider’s management and support team who will be on site.
v. Please include your staff support organogram in your tender proposal.
vi. Please submit your tax clearance, BBBEE certificate and letters of good standing from the Department of Labour and your bankers.
vii. Please submit proof of having the relevant insurance cover.
viii. References and details of running similar ventures (prior experience in the running of a school tuck shop, catering business or any food services is a prerequisite).
ix. Full contact details of the service provider.
x. A proposed detailed menu of items and/or meals (Halaal) to be sold per day, including both the selling price per item and the portion size. Vegetarian and Vegan alternatives are to be stated. This menu must be adjusted in terms of the requirements of the Sacred Heart community, we recommend that a survey be done.


The deadline for the submission of tenders is 30 September at 17h00. These should be emailed to Sibusiso.ndlovu@sacredheart.co.za with the subject line ‘Tuck Shop Tender’.

If you have not heard from the school by 25 October 2023, please regard your application as unsuccessful.

The school reserves the right not to accept any bid and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the bid or reject all bids and cancel the notice to tender.

Preference will be given to candidates who advance the School’s Employment Equity Plan. Being a member of the Sacred broader community will also be an advantage.

Theatre Link

By School News

Sacred Heart College students show off their talents in scriptwriting, directing and acting.

Theatre Link is a programme run in collaboration with the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York. Sacred Heart College has been part of this programme for the last 9 years, and we are one of only 3 non-American schools that participate. Until 2021 SHC was the only South African school involved. Several of our students in Grades 7 to 11 participated in the programme that addressed social issues.

This programme allows Grade 11 students to write and direct plays while working alongside actual Broadway actors, scriptwriters and directors. The students also have the chance to exchange plays with different American schools. This means that the writers have a chance to interact with working professionals and schools from different parts of the world.

Students and theatre professionals interact via Zoom during the three-month writing process to question and develop scripts. We also offer American schools connected to us the opportunity to send questions or feedback. Once the final script is passed the production process begins. The performances are also live-streamed to the connecting schools, so we watch an American school perform a play written by SHC students and an American school then watches SHC perform their play.

The schools are not always the same every year and SHC has worked with schools from Washington DC, Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee over the years. This year SHC worked with Woodside High School in Virginia and FURR High School in Texas.

The 2022 Plays:

1st Play: “The Comedy Club” was set against the backdrop of a comedy club and delved into several societal issues such as absent fathers, racism, sexism and nepotism. Holding up such heavy issues in that kind of space allowed it to display how comedy can be used to deal with everyday societal issues.

2nd Play: “The Situation” explored the racism that still exists in our society on a deep level, particularly in inter-racial relationships. The young actors of Sacred Heart College eloquently portrayed the story of two young people from different worlds and realities who are brought together by love despite racial discrimination and family feuds.

3rd Play: “A Sip Too Far’’ illustrated the sexism and harassment experienced by many women in the work environment, especially women of colour who are constantly expected to prove themselves and go the extra mile with an unequal start. It also addressed issues of substance abuse and generational trauma.

Air Products Shows Support for Aganang Skills Development Training Program

By School News

11 July 2022

Air Products recently sponsored the Sacred Heart College’s Aganang Skills Development Training Program in Observatory, Gauteng. The donation will be utilized towards

upgrading facilities and enabling the training program to offer courses in catering and confectionary.

The program aims to benefit the youth who live in one of the country’s most diverse and fragile communities where severe economic obstacles exist. Aligning to the strategic focus of the corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives, which is focused on the youth and education, Air Products perceived this as an ideal opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the youth.

Located on the borders of Bellevue, Yeoville and Hillbrow, Sacred Heart College established a project called the “Three2Six School Project” in 2008 which provides education to refugee children as they realized there was a desperate need for safe learning spaces for the youth.  The project was founded to heed the Marist call to “look at the world through the eyes of a poor child”.

The areas surrounding the school caters for low-income households, including people who arrive in Johannesburg from different parts of Africa, as well as other provinces within Southern Africa.

The areas mentioned plays an important role in the survival of thousands of displaced South Africans and migrants who arrive in the city. Over time, this area has become home to many households who cannot afford to live in other central locations.

According to Heather Blanckensee, Head of the College, they have received tremendous support for their programmes from the Observatory community, other community groups and their alumni and is confident that they will continue to receive support for their new initiative.

Sacred Heart College is dependent on donor funding for the Aganang Skills Development Training Program, as is the case with the “Three2Six School Project”, and it will provide an opportunity for several unemployed youths to upskill themselves to a level where they would be able to access income generating opportunities.

Blanckensee further mentions: “The goal is to create a space where the skills and resources can be shared with the youth, where they will be provided with coaching and mentorship. We want to establish the Aganang Skills Development Training Program as a platform where the unemployed youth can build up their confidence and skills to successfully integrate into the job market or pursue business opportunities. In the long run, sustainable economic development is what this is about.”

Arthi Govender, Chairperson of Air Products’ CSI Committee comments on the project: “We have seen the magnificent work that Sacred Heart College has done to date with their “Three2Six School Project”

and how they have gone about rendering support for the project. They have not hesitated to make their own facilities available after school hours to accommodate these learners from the surrounding areas and to enable them to also access education. We are fortunate to form this partnership and support the College to the first step towards raising the funds they require for this program. We believe in their goals for this program and the difference it will make to the lives of many young people.”

For more information on Air Products, visit www.airproducts.co.za.

The Marist Virtual Run 2022

By School News, Sport

On Sunday 5 June we launched our Team Marist 2022 Run/Walk at Sacred Heart College. Families walked or ran the 4kms that St Marcellin Champagnat, Founder of the Marist Brothers teaching order, walked between The Hermitage and La Valla-en-Gier (where his first school was situated) each day. A Zumba class added to the festive mood and had everyone getting in a cardio workout. Everyone enjoyed the day out in the sunshine.

There is still time to enter the Team Marist run. Participants can complete multiple distances of 4kms for their entry should they wish. In addition to the participation fee of R50, participants are invited to make a donation to accompany their entry fee, which will go to their school’s Champagnat Day Fund.

One-fifth of each school’s funds raised will go to either Marist Mercy Care (in the Eastern Cape) or to the Three2Six Programme.

All participants will receive a virtual medal upon completion of their event.

Please enter, using the link, https:// www.entryninja.com/events/77736-team-marist-2022

The Swim-a-thon

By Primary School News, School News

The Swim-a-thon has a longstanding tradition in the Primary School. Thank you to those who attended the 2022 Swim-a-thon. . Our little swimmers braved the early morning chill and showed off their fantastic swimming skills.

The total amount raised was R54 425. The PA collected R1920 of the total from their food stalls and Mr van der Merwe managed to raise R860. Well done!

The top class, Grade 2, (Mrs Els), collected R8 100. The top grade, Grade 3, (Ms Bacalhau and Ms Breuer) collected R9 388. The funds have traditionally gone to upgrading some aspect of the sports facilities and this year will be no different.

Divanth Naidoo

By Alumni, Job shadow, School News

Divanth Naidoo

Alumni Job shadow Workshop

My name is Divanth Naidoo. I am a social media manager at OMM – Online Media Management.  

I matriculated in 2018 and went on to study a BA in Strategic Brand Communications at Vega School of Brand Leadership. 

I shadowed at Ogilvy & Mather in January 2019 before solidifying my degree to study. 

Job shadowing allowed me to broaden my perceptions of  the advertising industry in South Africa, the different careers, people, the environment of a typical agency and how my creative talent will be nurtured and valued. 

“I am really excited to give students an insight into the advertising and social media industry”  – Divanth Naidoo, Social Media Manager