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Integrated Studies

Language & Logic, 1 April 2022, 17:00 – 17:30

Grade 7 and 8

Do not miss this opportunity to discover more about our use of Language and Logic across the curriculum.  Our school provides a world-class, high-quality education, and has over 2000 alumni. Our curriculum is designed to give each individual the opportunity to progress towards their potential inside and outside the classroom.

This is your golden opportunity to interact with us and to gain detailed insight into Sacred Heart College, our range of offerings, the teaching staff, and student culture. 

For additional information, please contact Mrs Lynn Walker on: 011-081-2200 | email: marketing@sacredheart.co.za

Language and Logic Festival

Showcasing the use of language and logic throughout the curriculum

Past integrated studies

Afrikaans – Language & Logic

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In their Afrikaans project, our grade 10 students were tasked with creating a board game and on the evening of Language and Logic they played the game, showcasing their understanding of the use of…

English – Language & Logic

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As part of their English language project, our Grade 8 students were tasked with creating their own character that embodied their own emotions.

Relo – Language & Logic

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Our Grade 7 students showcased a variety of places of worship such as mosques, synagogues, Catholic churches and more. This was a RELO (Religious and Life Orientation) and Technology collaboration.

Language & Logic | Puppet protest

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Using puppetry as a form of protest, our students protested against Shell and seismic drilling. Art and drama came together to raise awareness on this important issue.

Our Approach to Integrated Studies


Our students recognise opportunities to share ideas courageously and pursue new ways of using old prototypes. They are open to taking risks and adapt to changing conditions. Our students are optimistic and show initiative and ingenuity.


Our students are curious, motivated, and self-reflective. They challenge assumptions behind thoughts, beliefs and actions. Our students value honesty, fairness and open-mindedness.


Our students are aware of the importance of the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual aspects of living. They take care of themselves,  other people and the environment. They are globally aware, social justice warriors.


Our students do more than programme a script that a computer will understand. They are ethical, globally conscious coders and able to evaluate the impact of information on people in their virtual world. They value the integrity and ethical use of programming.


Our students share ideas clearly and constructively through oral, written and non-verbal media. They consider other ideas, perspectives, and cultural context to seek mutual understanding. They are respectful, empathetic and responsible when communicating with others.


Our students can work constructively with others to achieve a common goal. They respect competing views, nurture positive relationships, and are adaptable and resilient.