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We at Sacred Heart College are going to follow the rainbow! As a sign of solidarity, rainbows are appearing all around the world. Have you seen the heartwarming window trend sweeping the globe? Guess what? We are joining in, sharing hope and joy in our communities.

The simple act of painting a window rainbow or creating a rainbow with chalk on pavements are helping to spread some much needed joy for those who are confined inside. It’s often in the darkest of times that little rays of sunshine appear, which is exactly what the rainbow trend is all about.

It’s thought to have first started in Italy, soon followed by Spain and now the rest of the world — as we show we’re all in this together. Painting and drawing is a great way to help keep us entertained and feeling a little brighter while we are at home.

Many schools are encouraging the children to paint the rainbows while at home, unable to see each other. It’s been dubbed The Rainbow Trail’.

Your project is to make and create your own rainbow by either painting a picture, drawing it on paper or decorating your driveway with a colourful rainbow using chalk. Include a short message of hope in your picture, ask your parents to take a picture and send it to your teachers.

You and your parents can also post it on social media and include the following tags to spread the joy: #chasetherainbow #staysafe #rainbowsinwindows #rainbowsofhope #rainbowtrail #rainbowshc #staysafeshc

Let’s continue to spread hope with our rainbows.