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This year our school came together on Ash Wednesday to observe the beginning of Lent through both Mass and liturgy. Our primary school students gathered in the morning for a special Mass in the chapel. It was a powerful experience for our younger students to prayer and receive ashes on their foreheads. The ashes serve as an important reminder to have a repentant heart and reflect on how we can grow closer to God during the Lenten season.

High school students took part in an Ash Wednesday liturgy. The liturgy allowed students to pause and reflect through scripture readings, songs, and the distribution of ashes. Students were able to start their Lenten journey through prayerful contemplation and meaningful symbols of their faith.  Though the primary and high school had different services, it was a coordinated effort across our school to come together and spiritually prepare for the Lenten season. The Mass and liturgy set the tone for an important time of personal growth and renewal in our community. It was a blessing to begin the Lenten season united as a Marist school community.