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“Tea tastes better when it’s hot.”

Our Grade 2s have been investigating what goes into a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. They started their journey by tasting tea at a tea party. This triggered them to start asking questions such as How is tea made? Where does tea come from? After some research, they visited a tea factory and learnt more about how tea is grown, processed and packaged. They even sampled some new flavours!

They enjoyed tasting hot chocolate at the coffee shop in Rosebank where the products are served. They had fun hearing the legends of how tea and coffee originated and discovering the places of origin for tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

The children then went on to capture their research in project booklets, presented a dance to their parents/guardians about coffee in Cuba and even made their own teabags which they served to their parents after the production.

Learning about the origins of tea, coffee and hot chocolate was fun. It turns out tea was originally used as medicine!